New Release: Eden by L.J. Higgins


(Secrets of Aurora, Bk 2)

by L.J. Higgins




The earthlings who were supposed to die during the events that ended Earth are very much alive… and they’re keeping Aurora prisoner.

Confronted by someone from her past who holds the answers to her questions, Aurora and her band of rebels embark on a mission to the floating city of Eden. They must find each piece of the puzzle, before the truth can be exposed to those still living in the floating cities.

With the guards hot on her tail, Aurora will stop at nothing to acquire the missing information. But just when she believes all of her questions have been answered, a tragic accident reveals that there was at least one more truth to discover.

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LJ Higgins

L J Higgins likes to write stories that make you question, and remember to appreciate, the world around you. To remind you to open your eyes, minds and hearts.

Some of her favourite things are: Green Tea, Family, Writing (Obviously), Being Creative (Painting, Drawing), The Beach, Summer and Honesty.

Some of her favourite books are: Harry Potter Series, The Hunger Games Series, The Wool Trilogy, His Dark Materials, (There are too many to list them all!)

L J is from Queensland, Australia, and is a stay at home mother of two gorgeous children (okay sometimes they are not so cute!) She write’s every spare moment she’s got. Which means late nights and not much sleep.


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