On a regular basis, I hold giveaways for the magazine and for the readers but I rely on book signings to get them and in Australia, we don’t have many signings! As it stands, the next one I have is Riveting Reads which I am also an attending author at so it’s pretty hard to get around to the other tables when I am behind one myself.

If you’re after some promotion in the form of giveaways, I usually do up some random signed swag packs for them which are quite popular, why not send some of your swag to me?

Most popular swag items are:

  • bookmarks
  • magnets
  • signed flyers
  • keyrings or ribbon bookmarks

If you’d like to send swag to Reality Bites for a giveaway, please let me know. It usually only costs the postage of a letter but if you want to send me lots of stuff, I can work out some postage for you and send through paypal.

Send your swag here

Reality Bites Magazine
3 Francis Greenway Avenue
St Clair NSW 2759


Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on kate@realitybiteszine.com.